Should you buy your girlfriend a sex toy ?

Should you buy your girlfriend a sex toy ?

Should you buy your girlfriend a sex toy?

So far you’ve got her candy, flowers, jewelry, spa memberships, fluffy bears and fragrances and you’re wondering if it’s the right time to go off the beaten track and spice things up with sex toys.

Is that normal?

Yes, it is. Actually, a lot of men go on forums to ask other women anonymously whether or not they would feel offended if they received sex toys as a gift.

Purists might not believe this, but the answer is usually no. Here’s why looking into sex toys for women is a good idea and how you should choose the perfect kinky toy for her.

First of all, ask yourself at what stage you are in the relationship.

If you’ve been together for many years, you’re comfortable with each other and you have a fun sex life, just go for it.

Maybe she’ll be a bit embarrassed at first, but if you bought the right thing, she will give it a try.

There are plenty of stores that women's sex toys online and you can find anything that might tickle her fancy – from insane toy kits for couples to elegant vibrators and exciting dildos.

Receiving sex toys as gifts can be a bit awkward, especially when they’re not meant for couple use and to make sure you don’t get it wrong, ask her some subtle questions in advance.

Maybe she’ll give you a hint about the toys she’d like to try and the ones that would end up in the garbage.

Things can be a bit more complicated if you’ve only known her for a few months and you’re still getting to know each other sexually.

You might have good intentions, but getting your girlfriend a huge black dildo for your first anniversary isn’t always the best way to show how much you love her and, yes, there’s a chance that she’ll get mad and want to use that dildo on you.

Before buying the craziest toy there is, ask her subtlety what she thinks about the idea. There is a risk that some girls interpret sex toys as a hint that they aren’t kinky enough so you might want to work on an explanation.

If you feel that your girlfriend might get angry at you, having a backup present is a good way of avoiding an argument.

Secondly, being in your girlfriend’s sexual open-mindedness doesn’t mean you won’t have to think carefully about the sex toy you buy.

There are countless options to choose from and you have to pick something that’s about her, not about you.

Try not to bring your own fantasies into the game and focus on a toy that she will love and be able to use. If you haven’t bought her a sex toy before and you want to start slowly, get her one of those small and elegant vibrators that are no bigger than a lipstick.

They are very discrete and will save you a lot of embarrassing moments if you live with children.

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