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Your Adult Toy Collection

Your Adult Toy Collection

Find your next adult toy

First of all, the adult toys you need in your collection really depends on the activities that you enjoy.

Of course, your partner must enjoy them too if you aren’t buying adult toys for self-use.

There is such a wide variety of toys that sometimes it is difficult to know which ones are best for you. In today's world, it is important to overcome any feelings of shame.

Using adult toys to achieve sexual pleasure is not something to be ashamed of.

Choosing Adult Toys

Adult toys are best chosen through categories.

This means that you first think of the scenario you want to create and then you think of the adult toys that best meet this.

For example, you may be desiring your partner to focus on your clitoris more during sexual activity.

This could lead you to look at vagina pumps or vibrators that have nice clitoris stimulators attached.

It may also mean that you have ideas of dominating your partner and being quite explicit with him about what you need.

In this case, you may be thinking of under bed restraints where you can have your partner in position and then be in control of the clitoris stimulation by not allowing them to move elsewhere.

Hoods or masks may also add to this scenario.

Another scenario could be that you have planned a candlelit dinner and for dessert, you drop your frock and expose some beautiful lingerie.

Maybe then you can have some other toys hidden in the area and bring them out as the night progresses.

It is always better to bring the toys out as they are needed and not all at once as your partner may not choose what you really want to use.

Caring for your Toys

Your toys will last a lot longer if they are well cared for.

Washing them with warm soapy water and rinsing them in clean cool water while allowing them to air dry is best for most toys.

Sexy Kitten has many cleaning products that will help keep your toys in good order and lasting longer.

Lingerie is best to hand wash.

Toys can be stored somewhere that is cool and dry.

If you notice some deterioration on your toys, especially silicon toys then you should replace them.

Silicon that has started to deteriorate due to heavy use, sunlight or heat can cause uncomfortable body reactions.

It is important that you care for your toys and replace them when needed.

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