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5 Must-Have Sex Toys In Every Nightstand Drawer

5 Must-Have Sex Toys In Every Nightstand Drawer

Whether you’re driving solo or looking to spice up a night with your partner, there are some great sex toys every woman should have on hand. Here is the ultimate must-have sex toy list for every woman:

Women and Sex Toys

1. A Vibrator: are the go-to sex toy for women for a reason. They can stimulate all the erogenous zones of your body. They are the perfect toy alone or to play with a partner. The versatility ensures that you will always have fun with a vibrator.

2. A Bullet: Bullets are tiny vibrators that can be used externally or inserted into the vagina or anally depending on the sensation you want. Bullets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and some even have remote controls.

3. A G-Spot Stimulator: An often overlooked erogenous zone is the g-spot. However, once you start exploring the pleasure of your g-spot, you’ll wonder why you haven’t before. G-Spot stimulators are similar to vibrators but they have an upward curve on the shaft and a wider tip to stimulate the g-spot.

4. A Wand Vibrator: If you love clitoral stimulation, there is no better toy than a wand. Probably one of the most popular toys among women, wands have a powerful vibration that can massage and stimulate your clitoris for intense pleasure.

5. A Vagina Cup: A little know sex toy, the vaginal cup is a great toy to have in the drawer. Vagina cups fit external over the vulva and have a pump that you use to simulate oral sex. They are super easy to use and a great way to lie back and relax.

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