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The Sex Toy Revolution

The Sex Toy Revolution

How & When The Sex Toy Revolution Happen? 

The sex toy is no longer a trashy phrase. And people are getting used to the vocabularies that come along with that phrase.

In fact, it is now a bold business and considered legal. Just like fashion, sex toys have a long history. Back in the Paleolithic era, archaeologists have found what is believed to be a dildo made out of wood.

During the Roman empire, a parade to worship the god of sex was done by raising huge phallus on the streets. Soldiers who fought for war would leave their wives instruments to give them pleasure while the men were away.

This fact leads to the use of sex toy centuries ago.

The male masturbators invented by the Greeks was made out of wood and covered with animal intestine for comfortable use.

The dildo itself comes from the Italian word ‘diletto’ meaning delight. Of course, the device is not easy to clean since wood is a porous material.

Thrilling History of Sex Toys

Today, sex shop is one of the industries that bring delight on the surface.

The idea of an alternative enhancement makes it easier for everyone to have and feel the experience of great sex. Before adult novelty stores come around, it is considered a nonethical manner to talk about sex and the toys.

After the world becomes an open-minded universe, sex shops began to stand on their ground.

However, some still feel uneasy to enter these stores because of the stereotype that a person who enters a condom shop is probably a pervert freak.

The situation has changed with the help of the virtual world. These stores are built with virtually interesting catalogs worth your click.

It eliminates the discomfort of entering a conventional sex shop and also diminishes the hard-to-please moment.

Nowadays, people can simply log in to their PC at home and find a vibrator with just a click away.

Since then, there are many other sex toys with advanced technology and unique features to get pleasure seekers’ attention.

It is no longer a carved wood with animal intestine all over it. It is now a silicone surface with batteries to operate it.

Imagine how vast it develops! You don’t have to go to a store and feeling embarrassed about what you buy.

You can proceed with your purchase immediately and secretly at home.

The adult product is categorized as a demanding business. It shows how men and women depend on gear to get pleasure.

Nonetheless, sex toys are not born to support fetishism or masochism or infidelity. The devices are made to supply humans’ need when someone can’t fulfill it for them.

They simply look for an alternative to make love without making the partner feel uneasy.


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