Types Of Anal Dildos

Types Of Anal Dildos

It began with a woodwork dildo centuries ago.

But now, the dildo has been revolutionized into may uses and functions along with wide arrays of materials.

Sex toys company work to create innovations in adult novelties.

They make sure that each type of player has a great experience when using the toy.

Right now, people will get confused about which one to buy since there are so many of them available in stores.

This article will talk about the varieties of anal dildos.

The majority of anal dildos are used by gay couple although some straight couples have been known to buy this type of sex toy.

Metal dual balls anal dildo

The metal piece is very unique in shape.

It has 2 balls on the tip, one is 25 mm and the other is 30 mm.

Although nobody confirms why they make the balls in a different size, many users believe the cool dildo can heighten sexual pleasure, way-way more than a usual toy.

Despite the weird shape, the anal dildo can be used in or out of the water. When heated, it creates a warm effect when inserted.

On the other hand, when you put it in a freezer, you can have a cool metal ready to have fun with you.

Plastic anal dildo

The cheap price of the dildo has known to be one of the most bought pieces.

The dildo doesn’t make a long-lasting play since the device gets worn out easily.

However, for newbies, they tend to choose this type of dildo as an experiment before they buy the expensive one.

Silicone anal dildo

This type of anal dildo has the same feature as the plastic one.

The difference is that it has safer material for health.

Silicone is a little more expensive than plastic.

However, silicone material is often pointed out as healthy sex toy because it is non-porous.

Vibrating anal dildo

This is quite new in the market.

Some may not like how it feels when thrust in the anus.

However, some users have proved the satisfying effect of this vibrating anal dildo.

If somebody is ready to take anal sex to the next level, this dildo is suitable for them.

The vibe is powered by batteries and usually comes with adjustable speed.

If you are still experimenting with anal sex, then it is not suggested that you buy this item.

This is for the person who has experience with anal sex and wants more sensation on the back part of their body.

You can get this type of adult toys in the best adult online shops. They often sell unique types of the anal dildo that are so amusing.

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